Give In Review: 2022

APRIL: WILDLIFE BABY SHOWER. As the population in Lexington County continues to expand, we rapidly encroach upon animal habitats, creating a need to protect our wildlife. We helped restock supplies at Carolina Wildlife Center to support the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned animals. Among the items we donated were: storage bins, laundry baskets, Purina Dog Chow Tenders, animal water bottles, animal sleeping hammocks, unscented laundry detergent, laundry bleach, trash bags, facial tissues, paper towels, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, gently used towels and sheets, receiving blankets, bandages, first aid wraps, duct tape and clip boards.

FEBRUARY: UNDIES FOR EVERYONE. As a frontline responder, Mission Lexington has been providing life essentials and needed resources to our community since 1978. In support of their Undercover Buddies program that provides new undergarments to those receiving clothing assistance, we collected 616 pairs of underwear (241 women underwear, 180 boy underwear, 195 girl underwear) which were divided into 308 packets of 2 underwear and a note of encouragement.