The amount of good we put out into the world is so precious and impressive. At times, we receive greater recognition for our work. Those moments need to be celebrated as the ripple effects they are – the ability to share our message and goodness with a larger group.


At their annual meeting on January 27, 2017, Senior Resources celebrated the impact we made on seniors in our community. We were nominated and selected to receive the 2016 Billy Webster award. This honor is given each year to a person or group who exemplifies the spirit of giving.

The following efforts have helped to enhance the lives of seniors while supporting Senior Resources mission to keep their clients living independently as long as possible:

Spring 2016; we assembled 35 buckets overflowing with cleaning supplies, and spent a Saturday delivering them to Home Care clients. The toilet brushes, paper towels and Lysol wipes were certainly a big help to these seniors, but the personal visit brightened their day just as much.

Fall 2016; we were back again, collecting soup, crackers, cereal bars and juice, assembling 400 shelf-stable meals which included drawings and notes from local students. These meals came at a critical time, as the funding Senior Resources usually receives for emergency meals was not available this year.

WLTX Coverage

On September 22, 2016, WLTX covered our September 2016 give, expanding our reach for sharing the message about senior food insecurity and the ability for our community to come together to help bridge the gap.