October 2018 Give: Blessing Bags for the Homeless

I never met a single child that would tell you that he wants to grow up to be homeless and forgotten. They imagine a different story, one of happiness and hope. Sometimes, the chapters in our life story don’t play out as expected. Poor decisions, misled, misunderstood… but many cling to the same hope that their story can still have a happy ending.

This month, we completed 128 drawstring bags filled with one of every item and care packages specific to women along with over 200 bags of just hygiene products and food.

All bags and overages were shared with our local shelters: Central Midlands Transitional Retreat, Transitions Homeless Shelter, Oliver Gospel Mission and Toby’s Place.

Our FINAL donation count was very impressive:
167 hats
20 baseball hats
2 winter jackets
6 backpacks
156 mittens
147 socks
197 comb
80 wipe packs
223 single wipes
136 chapstick
127 deodorant
214 toothpaste
258 toothbrushes
8 mouthwash
301 soap
139 shampoo
169 conditioner
45 body wash
129 body lotion
439 tampons
632 pads
332 kleenex
87 hand sanitizer
426 oatmeal
159 cracker packs
300 granola bars
10 mini cereal
8 applesauce
5 pudding
3 jars peanut butter
128 drawstring bags
423 ziplock bags

Every month is a different give and every give makes a difference. Great way to get your kids involved in giving back, too!! Join us!!!