There’s an intangible benefit of giving back to the community – that warm feeling of connectedness and the satisfaction of trying to make the world a better place. Volunteering in all forms and efforts brings people together and strengthens our communities.

In order to have stronger communities, we need to teach our children the importance of charity.

First, our children only know what they know. If they are not introduced to other lifestyles, adversity or hardships – how will they know any different?

I am grateful that I’m able to provide a solid, healthy and plentiful childhood for my two boys. However, I want them to appreciate what they have and be able to look past boundaries. I don’t want my kids to be restricted by county lines, religious beliefs, languages or socio-economic stereotypes to the world that exists around them. I want them to see the whole of mankind and recognize that we are more alike than we are different.

Second, charity teaches our children that we are more than our material possessions. Life is about much more than having a house with a pool, the most toys, or the coolest clothes. Our self-worth and value should never be attached to materialism.

My wish is that my boys are able to discern between what’s disposable in life and what’s not. Material items can go, but acts of kindness, love, and giving must stay. Those are the true things that make us who we are – that make us human.

Interested in teaching your child the importance of charity? Children are always welcome to join our monthly giving activities, unless determined in advance that the event is not favorable for a certain age. Our gives are a perfect way to teach by example that giving is what we do as members of a community.

Looking for ways to start the conversation of charity at home? Download this pledge that your children can take today with ideas for active giving.

Have a Girl Scout Troop, Boy Scout Pack, School, Church or other group of children you’d like to share this lesson with? Contact me today to schedule a workshop where I can share tips, tools and activities your children can use today to start making a difference in our community.